The Florida ALAS Professional Development Program plans, develops and provides exemplary professional development for all Florida ALAS members.


FL ALAS is committed to delivering effective professional learning and developing professional learning opportunities that lead to effective and supportive leadership, and improved student results.



‚ÄčAmong the professional development services offered is the opportunity to attend conferences, workshops, the annual ALAS Education Summit, and other Florida ALAS-sponsored professional development initiatives.

1.The ALAS National Education Summit is one of the premiere professional events in the country. Exciting and thought-provoking speakers provide presentations that offer many tangible take-aways for the seasoned administrator as well as the novice practitioner.


2. The leadership needs of school and district leaders are also addressed through partnerships with Florida ALAS state affiliates and established national and regional networks.


3. Florida ALAS conferences and meetings are held at various times throughout the year to provide knowledge on critical issues facing the education community and the expertise to address them.


These professional development opportunities are designed to give education professionals the very best training possible to assist them with their professional development and to help them improve teaching and learning.